Holiday cottages in Tenerife

Casa rural en TenerifeIf you are planning to make a trip looking to rest, to relax and to enjoy a good climate, you have to come to Tenerife, known as the island of eternal spring, here you will find wonderful landscapes, idyllic beaches and don’t worry about accommodations, I have one of the best rural houses on the island, equipped with everything you could need, keeping in mind only to bring you maximum comfort and that you only have to do one thing, enjoy in the holiday cottages in Tenerife – La Furnia, accommodation for rural tourism in Tenerife. What I offer is the chance for you to have a unique and wonderful experience, enjoying everything the island has to offer, beautiful beaches with water so clear you’ll be able to look through it and sand so warm and white as small beads that caress your skin. That is why Tenerife is considered the island with the highest number of tourist visits. In Tenerife, you don’t only have the chance to enjoy the sea, but you can also enjoy beautiful natural places, we have forty-two natural protected areas where you can appreciate the animal’s life and the wonderful nature, in addition to being able to practice outdoor sports like hiking, biking, paragliding, etc.Alojamiento rural Tenerife There are so many and so varied options offered on Tenerife Island, that you’ll have a big range of possibilities to get involved in activities that you don’t normally do in your daily life, which is why so you will fully enjoy all the things that Tenerife Island offers you, also, it is necessary that you count on a rural accommodation that not only serves to sleep at night, but also, that it is part of this unforgettable experience. The rural accommodation I’m offering is situated in a protected natural area, it has lovely views of both, the sea and nature, it is decorated with love and I have taken care of every detail with illusion so every visitor feels welcome and special. Being able to wake up in a large, comfortable room and look out the window to some of the best views in the world and feel the sun caress your face is an experience you cannot keep yourself from having, and to enjoy a delicious breakfast outdoors, near the terrace of the holiday cottages is one of the best ways to start the day and at night, that terrace becomes the ideal place to enjoy a romantic candlelight and starry sky scenario dinner.Turismo rural Tenerife The rural house has a fully equipped kitchen, I have included all the necessary appliances, including a gas stove and a wood stove, everything you could need and if you want to organize a barbecue with friends, it is the ideal place, you can take advantage of exteriors and have an incredible and unforgettable evening. The rural accommodation in Tenerife has nothing to envy the big hotel chains; the service I offer is fully customized, always thinking about your needs and how to meet them. My goal is that you feel glamorous, special, like you were part of the royalty, because the rural house is made with the highest quality and first class finishing. And if your trip is planned for rural tourism, the island of Tenerife is also ideal, whether you make the trip alone, with friends, with family or with a group of friends, your best option is always to reserve one of my holiday cottages, it will be your starting point to enjoying one of the best vacations in your life. If you like hiking, here you will love it. It is one of the most popular activities for tourists. The Island of Tenerife offers a variety of possibilities, you can enjoy hiking walking incredible pathways among the ancient forests of the island, there different paths each with a different difficulty, for the likes of everyone, taking advantage of the wonderful tropical climate of the area, this activity can be performed, and others throughout the year, making it even more attractive to visit the island in any month the year. Casa rústica Tenerife

Definitely you have a pending visit to the island of Tenerife, a paradise to which you cannot stop coming and especially to enjoy one of the rural houses that I’m putting at your disposal for as long as you want, that personal attention and exclusivity I offer can only be enjoyed in a rural accommodation. So whether you want a vacation of relaxation or a vacation full of activities such as outdoor sports, or if you come with your family or group, stay in a holiday cottages in Tenerife, it is the best decision you can make.

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