Outdoor Activities

Nearby Casa Rural la Furnia, you will find different activities that we invite you know them. Different adventuresports, such as trekking, surf, diving, cycling.


Actividades de Ocio en Icod. Casa Rural La Furnia. SenderismoIf you are planning your holidays in tenerife and you want to have all information available about trails, forest footpaths of the whole island in this web site you will find all the information available: www.lafurnia.com Here we offer you some trails near to casa rural La Furnia and icod de los Vinos. Route. Icod de los vinos – La Guancha: these are two important villages of the north west of tenerife with its typical banana`s plantations and its green forests of Canary pine trees. Visitors will discover the oldest and most traditional villages which still conserve our most ancestral heritage culture. and you will contemplate the unique views of the highest mountain in spain, and third highest volcano in the world, Teide, and of the Atlantic ocean. Route: Garachico: Rocky coastline with rocky lava stones and natural pools. The old village was distroyed in 1706 after the eruption which did that the old port of garachico dissapeared. Route. Buenavista: from Village center to one of the most important protected areas of the island, “Parque Rural de Teno”, value of ecological natural landscapes with an old Massive and the most visited ravines in tenerife, Masca. Route: Santiago del teide – Masca: Great part of the protected area of “Parque Rural de Teno” form part of both villages. Amazing natural landscapes, ravines, valleys and where traditional architecture is integrated with landscapes.

Golf Course:

Buenavista Golf, at 15 km far away from “CAsa Rural la Furnia”, its located a Golf Course with 18 holes designed and opened by Severiano Ballesteros in october 2003. Buenavista Golf is 6019 m lenght close to the sea line and offer the golfers the sensation of playing in the Ocean. Buenavista Golf offer you golf trainning courses for children and families, Coup Finals are celebrated the whole year.

Dragon Tree in icod de los Vinos.

Actividades turísticas en Icod de los Vinos de la mano de Casas Rurales La Furnia Most symbolic Plant of the island, at just 3 km far away from La Furnia, its located the famous dragon tree, today its believed that this old plant its over 650 years old. Icod`s dragon tree, is the oldest of the archipielago and its 16 m high and 20 m of circumference. In the Dragon tree Park there are various examples of the Canary Flora, specially was created a didactic and illustrative area for the visitors with dracaena dracos, euphorbia canariensis, euphorbia balsamifera and other local plants.

Cueva del Viento:

Actividades de Ocio en Icod. Casa Rural La Furnia. Cueva del VientoIt’s one of the largest lava Tube in the world, the cueva del viento, underground complex, was created by lava flows from Pico Viejo, next to Mountain Teide. a visit to The wind Cave gives you an insight view into the role of lava flows in a volcanic eruption. its the best example for appreciate the complexity of geology. There are different levels in the more than 17 km. of tube and beautiful geo morphological phenomenon and other lava formations. Visit to the cave are guided(maximum 16 persons).

San Marcos Beach.

Actividades de Ocio en Icod. Casa Rural La Furnia. Playa San MarcosCoast of Icod de los Vinos, with familiar atmosphere and a typical north island black volcanic sand beach. In San Marcos Beach, there are restrooms and showers, some chiringuitos(typical beach bar) and fish restaurants. the temperature of sea water its over 22 º celsius .